Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AMP 0.8.0 initial release review passed

On a day of major release announcements I'm adding one for a little slice of the Eclipse universe. AMP has passed its first release review. This will be for version 0.8.0. (I want to point out as always that the 0.x.x versioning is an indication that AMP is in Incubation, and not necessarily of overall software quality or maturity.)

As many of the readers will know a release review is an important step in the evolution of an Eclipse project. It means that the project has met the high standards Eclipse sets for IP and it is also a recognition that the project meets Eclipse standards for quality and process. So even though many of the APIs are provisional and we are not yet out of incubation, I think that that is a very nice recognition to have for any Open Source software project. If you're interested in the process itself, you can take a look at:

Review Documents
Project Plan

More on the release review process here:

Eclipse Release Reviews

As you can see, there is much more to leading an Eclipse project than just writing code! But as with the other Eclipse process, I found that it was less burdensome and more helpful than at first glance one would think. It is important to think through the kinds of issues involved in a release review, and having clear practices and timelines for doing that results in better software and better community.

I'll put up a more detailed post about all of the new features and improvements in AMP in a post next week.


  1. Congrats Miles, I hope to see AMP on the Indigo release next year... would love for that to be a goal as part of the plan.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Yes it will certainly be. We weren't on Helios mostly because I was confused about the review process -- I had thought that we needed to be out of incubation. In fact, we hopefully should be out of incubation anyway by the time next year rolls around!



  3. If you ever need help with the release process let me know, been through it many times with projects.


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